Let us.

I have started a few different posts on here and Facebook regarding the election results. This is the truth. This is a path forward.

You don’t know me very well so I feel the need to explain.

My instinctual, visceral response to many troubles and conflicts is aggression. It is anarchic, nihilistic. It is to wage war. I go rigid and suddenly I am a sword. A missile. I do not care who becomes collateral damage. I summon Ares and Shiva from the cold sands within me and grow stone scales on my flesh. I need no clothes. No armor. No shield. I am impenetrable. Immovable. But stone cracks. It turns to dust. If you are rigid you can be broken. Thus, though I have iron and lead in my blood and I grow stone from my pores, I try to grow something else. Create life. I study how to become zen. Mindful. I choose plants that are hardy, resilient. I do not choose that which is delicate, beautiful, and sweet for hands of stone would crush them. If succulents can survive the sand of the desert surely they can thrive even when touched by the cold sand of my spirit. Succulents are mesmerizing in their strange way and have I not always favored the odd?

I have nurtured the destroyer side of Shiva for too long. Now I venture to honor the creator. I seek to be a sweet warrior. To honor my principles. To be flexible so as to not break. Let us all venture to be succulents of the human race: beautiful, strange, growing in spite of our parched surroundings, becoming stronger, taller, yet remain malleable. Let us crawl over the diseased sand of hate and smother it with the ferocity and tenacity that arises in the face of a maelstrom. Let us become magnanimous. Let our hearts grow even as others inspire them to shrivel. Let us stand together. Let us defend the rights of those who do not even know their rights are threatened. Let us elevate our minds and spirits and cease the trade of blame and shame.

I feel you in the roots of our shared humanity-do you feel me? Walk with me. Love with me. Fight by my side. Fight the seed of Ares that takes the beauty of righteousness and torments it until it is disfigured as I fight that seed within me. This is not the beginning. This is not the end. This is the perpetual struggle of the human race. Do not surrender.


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